Thursday, December 8, 2005

Let it Snow!

Mom took me to play in snow! Every year there is a little holiday event near our house where the city brings in like 40 tons of snow for human kids to play in. For the past 3 years now at the end of the night we hang around and after all the kids are gone I get to play on the snow for about a half hour until they start to bull doze it into trucks to haul away!

I LOVE SNOW... I go jumpy jumpy all over it and dig little holes!

This year we told our neighbor about it so Murphy a real-life-labrador pal of mine got to come and play! He was really funny cause he wouldn't stop eating the snow. I only eat a little bit... The humans make snowballs and throw em and we chase em down... that's when I eat a little cause I bite the snowballs until they disappear into nuthin! Grrrrrrrrrr... Watch out you snow balls!

Mom wants to be rich so she can buy me my own snow machine someday and then I can have snow every single day!