Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Can I Get Sick from Licking a Kitty's Butt?

Well Mom thinks we cleared a MAJOR hurdle yesterday in my being socialized with the boyfriend's cat. After weeks of freaking out whenever I saw the darned thing we have been baby stepping our way towards becoming cat social....

Today that cat walked right up to Mom with me beside (on leash as always) and I was able to come in close enough to sniff the thing and lick it's butt! Not to be completely crude but I licked where the kitty crunchies come out of a couple of times. Can this make me sick?

I also was able to lick it's head and sniff all over it's body while Mom was petting it, then I jumped around a couple of times stuck my head down and butt up and tried to get that darn kitty to play with me.

He just looked at me like I was stupid and sat there.

I mean normally he runs away whenever he sees me then I want to chase him... But today he was like "OK I guess you're here for good, may as well get this over with" and promptly presented his Crunchie maker to me!

Mom explained that the kitty will probably never play with me ever but she seemed so happy that we are finally becoming friends and that I may not have to wear the leash around the BF's house much longer!


Here is a little song I wrote in honor of this special ocassion:

*All of a sudden Kitai hears the music to "High Hopes" and starts singing along*

Just what makes that little old mutt
Think he can lick that grey kitty's butt?
Anyone knows a mutt, whut?
Wants to lick kitty butt

Oh he's got high hopes, he's got high hopes
He's got Kitty Rocca, crunchy munchy, in the sky hopes

So when the kitty's sleeping
and Kitai's creeping
Just remember this thread folks

Oops there goes another kitty butt
Oops there goes another kitty butt
Oops there goes another mutt for that butt!