Monday, April 21, 2008

San Francisco SPCA Birthday Cake by Cake Coquette

Isn't this a great cake? Mom was online reading blogs last night when she came across this amazing cake, custom made for the San Francisco SPCA's 140th birthday!

A company called "Cake Coquette" located in San Francisco made this great celebration cake. Designer Gabrielle Feuersinger is not only talented but really nice too. Mom met her last month up in the city.

Mom made me a birthday cake once. It was made of meatloaf and frosted with mashed potatoes with a cute dog cookie on the top. Maybe she'll make me another one this year for my birthday! It's coming up in a couple of months. She may even throw me a party where I get to invite all of my doggie pals for a play session this year!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm on the Santa Clara Weekly Website!

Funny thing about me. Smiles, scruffy hair, and fame follow me around wherever I go. Especially when I wear one of my custom couture costumes mom makes me. Mom just spotted this photo of me on the Santa Clara Weekly's website in a feature they did about the HSSV's 5th annual fund raiser, The Fur Ball.

Mom adopted me at the HSSV 4 years ago. I'm her first shelter dog but I always hear her say I will not be the last. She is now very partial to scruffy mutts. Especially ones that look like a cross between a cartoon, a muppet and a wombat. BOL

Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm in the news! Again! BOL

BOL As most of you know I'm kind of famous. I have my own website and press page. I've received a ton of Press including being featured on the websites of the TODAY show, the Dog Whisperer, HGTV, The Campbell Reporter, Mutts Comics, the list goes on and on. Last Halloween mom and I even got to fly to NYC to be on the TODAY show in their pet costume contest! Well I did it again at the Fur Ball last weekend. I'm now featured on the NBC 11 website in their slideshow of the 5th Annual Humane Society of Silicon Valley Fur Ball. There are two pictures of me, modeling both sides of my new "No Nuts" pro-spay and neuter costume. Woo Hoo. I work very hard to be a goodwill ambassador for shelter dogs who need homes. You can check out all of the details on my website

This photo of mom, dad, and I arriving was sent to us by Mr. John England

Here's more from my mom:

What fun! For the first time ever I attended the annual black tie fund raiser for the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. The HSSV is a non-profit, privately funded shelter that serves the Bay Area. I have a very soft spot for the HSSV because it's where I found and adopted my dog Kitai from. It is a wonderful organization. My understanding is that it has managed, through adoption at it's own facility and by partnering with other shelters and rescues, to successfully reduce it's kill rate of adoptable animals to zero. It is a truly "Humane" society and shelter.

Front Row: Kitai's butt, Marcel
Back Row: Nick, Me, Russell from Dogster HQ, my Hubby

The Tent

Kitai's new Pro-Neuter costume!

Get it? No Nuts!

With Russel, Kitai and Marcel

One of the main reasons we attended the Fur Ball was because our pal Woz was the Co-MC

Woz is a huge supporter of the HSSV. He even helped make and publicizes this video "" about how feral cats are faring here in the Silicon Valley and what we can do to help the cats and the organizations who look after them.

Kathy Griffin was the Co-MC along with Woz. Here she is on the Big Screen.

Kitai had a water color portrait done. I think it really captured his scruffiness.

He also had a caricature done by artist Jodi Carr. So cute huh?

Doggie Moms with Morgan and Kitai

John had fun and even put 3 bids on a silent auction item. He didn't win it but I was glad he tried. All of the proceeds went to the HSSV.

The HSSV mobile unit. I adopted Kitai at the HSSV 4 years ago.

After the Fur Ball we went on a donut run. From left to right: Keith, John & Woz.

LOL The guys all wore their fancy clothes, the girls all changed into comfortable clothes. It was a really fun night but boy were Kitai and I tired at the end of it all.