Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Ready for the Paris Runway!

BOL! (bark out loud) My friend Jubilee went on a business trip to Japan and while there found a cute pet shop that sold cute dog clothes... Her note said she couldn't resist getting this cool leopard print jacket for me, complete with a faux fur lined hoodie! Thanks Jubilee!

Hee hee it was a little too small (made for an 11 lb dog and I weigh 24 lbs) but with some minor alterations should fit quite nicely when Mom is done with it!

As anyone who has ever given me a gift knows... I am VERY enthusiastic about receiving, unwrapping, and using all the gifts that my fans (ummmm I mean my friends) have given me over the years!

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Do Dogs Need $50 Shoes?

My friend Naila thinks I should have these cool shoes! What do you think? I told her Mom I would look like I stole the shoes off of some rich kid cause I'm too scruffy and unrefined to wear cool sneakers!

They're called Flaming Sneakers... LOL it was Mom's best laugh of the day!