Tuesday, November 21, 2006

www.CutestDogEver.com...... Hey That's ME!

So Mom decided for me to be an official advocate of resuce from kill shelters I had to have my very own website so people could see what great dogs, like little ol' mwa, may be hidden away at their local Humane Society. Who knew that I would go from being homeless and living on the streets, to living in the noisy concrete and fence jail to my current wonderful life? I've come a looooooooong way baby!


Mom can't imagine her life without me in it, and yet who knows, a few more days and I wouldn't have been here, breathing the air, smelling the smells, making people smile and laugh everywhere I go and sharing my own scruffy sunshine and happiness with the world.

I could have been put to sleep with a single injection like the millions of other unwanted dogs that are euthanized in this country each year.

Mom can't imagine.

But it could have happened.

Please rescue from kill shelters. It's certainly not the only way but it's probably the most rewarding way to find your next pet.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

How I Became the Dog Whisperer

Well lots of you know Mom and I are ginormous fans of Cesar Millan. I mean once we read his book this summer and started watching his show we were hooked.

Mom also loves to make me fun costumes each year for Halloween...

SO Mom got this hair brained idea to turn me into Cesar for Halloween. How did she do it you might ask?

1 X-large blue shirt from the Goodwill, cut apart and altered to fit my doggie physique

1 pair of little baby khaki pants from the Goodwill for my front legs, again cut apart and altered to fit my stubby legs

4 plush dogs from Toys-R-Us and one fluffy one from the Goodwill to create my "Pack" of dogs

1 poor baby doll from Toys-R-Us who no sooner did Mom get her home then she tore the arms off of the poor thing and stuffed em up the sleeves

1 illegally copied cover of the book "Cesar's Way" so that I could carry his book along as part of my costume

1 incredibly tolerant dog (that's me) who came, stood and sat through endless hours of costume fittings just to humor the dingy woman

And there you have it! Kitai Milan was born! We went trick-or-treating last night and cracked up all of our neighbors, many of whom watch his show.