Thursday, December 28, 2006

Quack Quack!

So here is my new duck I got for xmas... Today I decided to bring him on my walk with me... Like a dingbat mom proceeded to walk and shoot me at the same time... She got some good action shots and a few nice poses....

In the end my Duckie and new xmas bear had a very strange introduction... Go see... CLICK HERE

Friday, December 15, 2006

Kitai Mugs Are Now Available!

Well well well.... Guess who has his very own coffee mug? I don't mean I drink out of one. I mean you can buy a coffee mug with me ON it and all of the profits will be donated to help have dogs spayed and neutered.

Mom's boyfriend is guessing that nobody will ever buy one and thinks Mom is just crazy to even check each day to see if one sold. He doesn't think it will matter at all that I am the Cutest Dog Ever or that the profits will help a good cause.

Just to let you all of you know $5 from each sale is what our profit is. So that's how much we'll be donating! Get a Kitai Mug on! 100% of the profits will be donated to spay & neuter dogs to help end pet overpopulation!

So if anyone would like to prove the boyfriend wrong we would appreciate it.

I think they are the Cutest Mugs Ever!

Monday, December 11, 2006

My Pal Flecken!

Ha ha ha I was visiting my pal Flecken's Dogster page and saw that he wrote a diary entry about my inviting him to be on! It was so funny I asked him if I could share it with all of you here. He said sure if it meant more fame for him! So here it is: pal Kitai got his own website... cutestdogever. Now, I don't know for sure that he is the cutest dog ever, but his mama apparently thinks he is, and he IS pretty cute...but my mama tells everyone in the Gang that WE are the cutest dogs in the world, and while there is a slight semantic difference, I still think that "cutest dog ever" and "cutest dog in the world" are pretty much the same thing, and we can't ALL be the cutest dog, right? But since it is Kitai's website, I'm not going to argue with him over a slight variation in phrasing, and just let him have the title "cutest dog ever" since he already kinda claimed it anyway by starting his own website with that name, and especially because he invited me to be on his website in the "cutest friends" section.

Wow! Was I ever honored! To be on the website of the cutest dog ever! It's right on the same level of greatness as being in a spam e-mail that got forwarded all over the internet with a picture of the Banana Dog Gang in it! Maybe even greater, because let's face it, spam is....spam. But is a totally legitmate website, hosted by a totally legitimate dog, who also just happens to be the cutest dog ever. How many dogs can say they are on the website of the cutest dog ever? Not many, I can tell you that! But I am one dog that can say that I share space on the same website as the cutest dog ever.

I am still a bit confused about one thing, though. I STILL don't know how to pronounce Kitai's name! At first, I thought it was like "kit eye"......but thanks to is a pronounciation guide which says that his name is really "key-tie." it "KEY-tie" or "key-TIE"? I suppose I could just ask him....but that would be so embarrassing. Like "thanks for asking me to be on your website, and oh, by the way....what's your name?" SO-O-O embarrassing! He'd kick me right off the website! Maybe I'll get Gretchen to ask him....maybe kinda flirt with him a little bit....bat her eyes a few times....and then hit him with the "what's your name, big boy?" question. Yeah, that should work. He'll never even know what hit him!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006 Hey That's ME!

So Mom decided for me to be an official advocate of resuce from kill shelters I had to have my very own website so people could see what great dogs, like little ol' mwa, may be hidden away at their local Humane Society. Who knew that I would go from being homeless and living on the streets, to living in the noisy concrete and fence jail to my current wonderful life? I've come a looooooooong way baby!

Mom can't imagine her life without me in it, and yet who knows, a few more days and I wouldn't have been here, breathing the air, smelling the smells, making people smile and laugh everywhere I go and sharing my own scruffy sunshine and happiness with the world.

I could have been put to sleep with a single injection like the millions of other unwanted dogs that are euthanized in this country each year.

Mom can't imagine.

But it could have happened.

Please rescue from kill shelters. It's certainly not the only way but it's probably the most rewarding way to find your next pet.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

How I Became the Dog Whisperer

Well lots of you know Mom and I are ginormous fans of Cesar Millan. I mean once we read his book this summer and started watching his show we were hooked.

Mom also loves to make me fun costumes each year for Halloween...

SO Mom got this hair brained idea to turn me into Cesar for Halloween. How did she do it you might ask?

1 X-large blue shirt from the Goodwill, cut apart and altered to fit my doggie physique

1 pair of little baby khaki pants from the Goodwill for my front legs, again cut apart and altered to fit my stubby legs

4 plush dogs from Toys-R-Us and one fluffy one from the Goodwill to create my "Pack" of dogs

1 poor baby doll from Toys-R-Us who no sooner did Mom get her home then she tore the arms off of the poor thing and stuffed em up the sleeves

1 illegally copied cover of the book "Cesar's Way" so that I could carry his book along as part of my costume

1 incredibly tolerant dog (that's me) who came, stood and sat through endless hours of costume fittings just to humor the dingy woman

And there you have it! Kitai Milan was born! We went trick-or-treating last night and cracked up all of our neighbors, many of whom watch his show.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Can I Get Sick from Licking a Kitty's Butt?

Well Mom thinks we cleared a MAJOR hurdle yesterday in my being socialized with the boyfriend's cat. After weeks of freaking out whenever I saw the darned thing we have been baby stepping our way towards becoming cat social....

Today that cat walked right up to Mom with me beside (on leash as always) and I was able to come in close enough to sniff the thing and lick it's butt! Not to be completely crude but I licked where the kitty crunchies come out of a couple of times. Can this make me sick?

I also was able to lick it's head and sniff all over it's body while Mom was petting it, then I jumped around a couple of times stuck my head down and butt up and tried to get that darn kitty to play with me.

He just looked at me like I was stupid and sat there.

I mean normally he runs away whenever he sees me then I want to chase him... But today he was like "OK I guess you're here for good, may as well get this over with" and promptly presented his Crunchie maker to me!

Mom explained that the kitty will probably never play with me ever but she seemed so happy that we are finally becoming friends and that I may not have to wear the leash around the BF's house much longer!


Here is a little song I wrote in honor of this special ocassion:

*All of a sudden Kitai hears the music to "High Hopes" and starts singing along*

Just what makes that little old mutt
Think he can lick that grey kitty's butt?
Anyone knows a mutt, whut?
Wants to lick kitty butt

Oh he's got high hopes, he's got high hopes
He's got Kitty Rocca, crunchy munchy, in the sky hopes

So when the kitty's sleeping
and Kitai's creeping
Just remember this thread folks

Oops there goes another kitty butt
Oops there goes another kitty butt
Oops there goes another mutt for that butt!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Her name is Henrietta and She's One Hot Chick!

So here is my new favorite toy! HENRIETTA is, as one of my doggie pals called her, "The ugliest friggen chicken I've ever seen!"

My Mom got her for me while she was traveling... Instead of a lousy t-shirt! Mom thought she was quite stylish with her gold hoop earrings, purple toe nails, red lipstick, and a lovely purple and white polka dot bikini.

Did I mention that she sounds like a crying human baby when I squeeze her? And that I took her on my walks with me for the first 5 days after Mom gave her to me? Bwaa haa haa I traumatized many of my neighbors with my ugly little chicken!

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Ready for the Paris Runway!

BOL! (bark out loud) My friend Jubilee went on a business trip to Japan and while there found a cute pet shop that sold cute dog clothes... Her note said she couldn't resist getting this cool leopard print jacket for me, complete with a faux fur lined hoodie! Thanks Jubilee!

Hee hee it was a little too small (made for an 11 lb dog and I weigh 24 lbs) but with some minor alterations should fit quite nicely when Mom is done with it!

As anyone who has ever given me a gift knows... I am VERY enthusiastic about receiving, unwrapping, and using all the gifts that my fans (ummmm I mean my friends) have given me over the years!

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Do Dogs Need $50 Shoes?

My friend Naila thinks I should have these cool shoes! What do you think? I told her Mom I would look like I stole the shoes off of some rich kid cause I'm too scruffy and unrefined to wear cool sneakers!

They're called Flaming Sneakers... LOL it was Mom's best laugh of the day!