Monday, December 11, 2006

My Pal Flecken!

Ha ha ha I was visiting my pal Flecken's Dogster page and saw that he wrote a diary entry about my inviting him to be on! It was so funny I asked him if I could share it with all of you here. He said sure if it meant more fame for him! So here it is: pal Kitai got his own website... cutestdogever. Now, I don't know for sure that he is the cutest dog ever, but his mama apparently thinks he is, and he IS pretty cute...but my mama tells everyone in the Gang that WE are the cutest dogs in the world, and while there is a slight semantic difference, I still think that "cutest dog ever" and "cutest dog in the world" are pretty much the same thing, and we can't ALL be the cutest dog, right? But since it is Kitai's website, I'm not going to argue with him over a slight variation in phrasing, and just let him have the title "cutest dog ever" since he already kinda claimed it anyway by starting his own website with that name, and especially because he invited me to be on his website in the "cutest friends" section.

Wow! Was I ever honored! To be on the website of the cutest dog ever! It's right on the same level of greatness as being in a spam e-mail that got forwarded all over the internet with a picture of the Banana Dog Gang in it! Maybe even greater, because let's face it, spam is....spam. But is a totally legitmate website, hosted by a totally legitimate dog, who also just happens to be the cutest dog ever. How many dogs can say they are on the website of the cutest dog ever? Not many, I can tell you that! But I am one dog that can say that I share space on the same website as the cutest dog ever.

I am still a bit confused about one thing, though. I STILL don't know how to pronounce Kitai's name! At first, I thought it was like "kit eye"......but thanks to is a pronounciation guide which says that his name is really "key-tie." it "KEY-tie" or "key-TIE"? I suppose I could just ask him....but that would be so embarrassing. Like "thanks for asking me to be on your website, and oh, by the way....what's your name?" SO-O-O embarrassing! He'd kick me right off the website! Maybe I'll get Gretchen to ask him....maybe kinda flirt with him a little bit....bat her eyes a few times....and then hit him with the "what's your name, big boy?" question. Yeah, that should work. He'll never even know what hit him!

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