Friday, December 15, 2006

Kitai Mugs Are Now Available!

Well well well.... Guess who has his very own coffee mug? I don't mean I drink out of one. I mean you can buy a coffee mug with me ON it and all of the profits will be donated to help have dogs spayed and neutered.

Mom's boyfriend is guessing that nobody will ever buy one and thinks Mom is just crazy to even check each day to see if one sold. He doesn't think it will matter at all that I am the Cutest Dog Ever or that the profits will help a good cause.

Just to let you all of you know $5 from each sale is what our profit is. So that's how much we'll be donating! Get a Kitai Mug on! 100% of the profits will be donated to spay & neuter dogs to help end pet overpopulation!

So if anyone would like to prove the boyfriend wrong we would appreciate it.

I think they are the Cutest Mugs Ever!

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