Saturday, July 21, 2007

I have a business card!

So mom decided that I needed a way to help people remember the url to my website. So many people stop and talk to her about me when we're out in public but it seemed difficult for people to remember my website name.

This was not good news. I mean how are people supposed to go to my home page and see all of the cute pictures of dogs that need homes, see the links to all of the shelters and rescue groups if they can't remember how to get there?

So when mom got an offer to have cards printed for free, just the cost of shipping, she decided to go ahead and order me some. Now when people stop to chat about me mom is gonna give them my card to help them remember... And hopefully help people find all of the rescue and pet care info on my site.

I take my job as a good will ambassador for pet adoption through shelters and rescue very seriously.

If you see me out walking be sure to ask for my card!


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