Monday, June 1, 2009

People United for Pets Build Fences for Freedom

Strut and Buddy

You probably think that doesn't sound right. Fences creating freedom? Well it makes sense if your're a dog and your life used to be on the end of a tether or chain. Raleigh, North Carolina, like many other cities in the U.S. has enacted an anti-tethering law making it illegal to keep pets tied or chained for extended periods of time. Extended tethering leaves both the dogs and public at risk. Dogs are at risk if they are attacked by other loose dogs, larger animals or people who mean them harm. People, particularly children, are at risk if they wander within harms reach. The problem with many tethered dogs is that they are not socialized to interact with people making them more likely to bite when approached by a stranger.

With the law, along with daily fines for those who don't untie their dogs, due to take effect this July some concerned citizens realized that now was the time to ensure that for those who couldn't afford a fence, surrendering their pets to the local shelter wouldn't become the only alternative low income owners could turn to. People United for Pets (PUP) members volunteer their time to go out on the weekends and build fences for those who need them.

PUP offers the free fencing on one condition, the dogs who are to be beneficiaries of their goodwill must be spayed and/or neutered. The cost to alter their pets is also offered at no cost to the owners. They just have to be willing.

To read the details and see more photos including my favorite of Buddy rolling on his back in his newly fenced in yard visit

Buddy Still on the Chain

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