Sunday, November 23, 2008

2008 Cesar Millan Seminar in Atlanta, Georgia

As many of you know Kitai and I are big Cesar Millan fans. Cesar has helped to educate a lot of pet owners that their "problem" dog isn't usually the problem. Rather they themselves are often the catalyst for their badly behaving pooch by unwittingly rewarding bad behaviors, missing out on opportunities to minimize problem situations and by most often misunderstanding the body language and visual cues their dog is giving them.

Just over a year ago Cesar was here in the Bay Area hosting one of his seminars that had I not been getting married just a few days later I would have attended in a heartbeat! But for those of you who live in Georgia your opportunity to see, hear and meet Cesar Millan is just around the corner:

Cesar Millan Seminar
Saturday, December 6th, at 2 PM
Atlanta, GA - John A. Williams Theatre

at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre
Premium tickets, which include a Meet-and-Greet with Cesar after the show, will be on sale for $250. Regular tickets range from $150 - $25, depending on how far they are from the stage.

Tickets available on

CLICK HERE for the Direct Link

You can view a video of a seminar here:

More information available on Cesar's seminars by CLICKING HERE

IMO he has single handedly saved countless dogs from being taken to a shelter to be relinquished or put to sleep. By using his tv show The Dog Whisperer he has helped to show the general public that while some dogs may be aggressive within each breed group, not all of them are bad dogs. He shows that while there will unfortunately be some dogs that are out of control, most are not usually beyond help, and that the vast majority are great dogs that only need a more educated or experienced owner and the opportunity to become a wonderful pet and faithful companion.

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CJ Anderso said...

I hope lots of people down south See your blog! I went to a Cesar seminar and while I was already a Cesar fan from watching his show and practicing his solutions, I was completely shocked at how much I got from the Seminar (when I thought it would be a waste of time rather then get his books and Leadership videos.

I actually came home and immediately put all the rescue dogs I had been working with on the treadmill - without leashes!!!

One loved it so much I have to watch him bumping the others off so he can take another turn!

you can see many of the dogs I have rescued on the treadmill at site!